School support services are provided in response to students’ needs.

·       Tutoring:  Tutoring is available after school in the library.  A list of individual tutors is available in the counseling office.  Teachers are available to students after or before school, or by appointment.

·       Counselors:  Windsor High School offers academic guidance counseling, college/career counseling as well as personal counseling.  Students can meet with their counselor by visiting the College and Career Guidance Center located above the library.

·       Health Services:  The Windsor Unified School District employs a nurse to assist students during selected school hours.  The nurse also conducts health screenings as required by law.

·      Special Education:  The Sonoma County Office of Education and the Windsor Unified School District provide a variety of programs to serve the many different needs of the special education community, from the mildly learning disabled to the severely handicapped.  For more information about special education programs, contact the Windsor Unified School District Office at (707) 837-7704.

·       Parent/Student/Teacher Meetings (PST):  Teachers, counselors, an administrator, the student and his/her parent/guardian meet to discuss concerns about academics and/or behaviors.

The following resource phone numbers address specific issues or concerns:

Alliance Medical Center.  Bilingual family health services including pediatric, WIC clinic, family planning, counseling.  Dental care and HIV Testing.  Sliding scale fees.  433-5494.

Boys & Girls Club of Windsor.  Safe place for students to go after school, evenings, and weekends.  838-1959.

Boys Town National Hotline.  For boys and girls.  English/Spanish assistance.  Crisis counseling for children and their parents, particularly in the areas of parent-child conflicts.  1-800-448-3000

California Youth Crisis Line.  Confidential assistance for runaways or potential runaways.  1-800-843-5200

Circuit Rider Productions.  A semester-long program offers job counseling, academic support, and diversion to at-risk high school youth.  Offers monthly group activities, job shadowing, weekly mentor/mentee phone calls.  Provides individual, group, and family counseling, as well as counseling in chemical abuse and gang prevention.  838-6641.

Drug Abuse Alternative Center (DAAC).  Individual and group counseling for drug-abusing teens, and for parents who are concerned about their children’s drug use.  544-3295

Family Advocate, Youth and Family Services.  Provides advocacy, support and referrals for families of children with behavioral/

emotional difficulties.  565-5158

Family Connections.  Referrals made through shelters to connect homeless families to a community volunteer program that provides case management and assistance to families in need for relocation.  579-3630

Marijuana Anonymous.  Meets Tuesdays at 7:30 p.m., Alano Club.  1-800-766-6779.

Narcotics Anonymous Hotline.  24-hour support and counseling.  575-7837

North Bay Regional Center.  Resources, services for children with

developmental disabilities.  569-2000

Orenda Center.  Sonoma County Department of Health Services/Alcohol, Drug & Tobacco Services Division outpatient counseling and education.  524-7450

Positive Images.  Sonoma County’s Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning Youth Group.  579-4947.

Pregnancy Counseling Center.  24-hour crisis line, pregnancy tests, support and referral.  No fee.  575-9000

Social Advocates for Youth (SAY).  Short-term shelter and crisis intervention center and 24-hour Crisis Line.  546-3432 or


Sonoma County Associates for Youth Development (SCAYD).  Youth and family counseling, prevention activities, education and awareness about alternatives to drug, alcohol and gang involvement.  793-9030

Suicide Prevention.  24-hour suicide counseling.  1-800-222-8220

YMCA Domestic Violence Hotline.  Crisis counseling and assistance for women who are involved in domestic violence.  546-1234

Support Services