A.    Clubs 

Students with special interests are encouraged to form a club.  Each club must have a staff advisor, a constitution, and must be approved by the Associated Student Body Executive Council.  All financial activities must channel through the ASB account.

B.    Athletics

Windsor High School competes in the Sonoma County League of the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF).  League regulations specify that students must pass twenty credits of work at the last grading period and must maintain a “C” average in order to participate in interscholastic athletics (eligibility of first semester ninth graders is based on eighth grade final semester grades.)

All students participating in any sport must fill out an Athlete Clearance to Participate Form.  This form must be completed and turned in before a student may participate in practice.  Students must attend at least two academic blocks the day of a competition to be eligible to compete.

Students who do not achieve a 2.0 grade point average (GPA) may request a waiver to the 2.0 eligibility requirement for one grading period during the four years in high school.  Contact the Athletic Director for more information regarding eligibility waivers.

C.  Food Service

Food service and the snack carts are open for students during break and lunch.  A variety of sandwiches, beverages, and other packaged goods are available.  Free and reduced lunches are available for low-income families.  Applications are available in the office.  Students are urged to help keep the school clean. 

D.    Dances

Windsor High School dances are intended for the enjoyment of Windsor High School students.

·       Windsor High School students wishing to bring a guest from another school must submit a completed WHS Guest Form to a school administrator at least three days prior to the dance. The Windsor High School administrator may confer with an administrator from the guest’s school prior to the guest’s admission to the dance.  Guests in “poor standing” at their school will not be admitted to Windsor High School dances.

Once students have entered a dance, they may not leave unless they plan not to return.

E.  Student Government                                         

The Executive Council is made up of elected officers and commissioners.  The Council oversees all functions of the Associated Student Body.  Elected officers and commissioners of the Associated Student Body Executive Council are President, Vice-President,  Secretary,  Treasurer and  Commissioners. 

Each class (grade level) elects its own class officers.  Freshman officers are elected in September. Sophomore, junior, and senior class officers are elected in April for the following school year.  Class officers include President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.

Class officers organize and execute all class activities, which range from fundraising to special events (e.g. Prom).  Any person who has leadership ability or who wants to become involved should run for a class office.  All students are encouraged to attend ASB meetings.

Any Windsor High School student may run for an ASB or Class Officer position provided they meet the requirements outlined in the Associated Student Body Constitution including a 2.0 GPA.

F.     Student Body Card

Students are expected to carry their ASB card at all times.  The cards are used to check-out library books, provide access to Internet, and to provide identification for entrance to extra-curricular activities.

G.   Messages and Phones

To avoid unnecessary classroom disruptions, the school will not deliver messages to students except in the case of emergencies.  The nature of all such emergencies must be established prior to the delivery.  School phones are intended to facilitate the conducting of school, not personal business.  Except in the case of an emergency and school business, students must use pay phones.

H.  Protection of Personal Property

Reports of Vandalism and Theft:

·       The Windsor High School community would like to assume that all students will respect other people’s property, but unfortunately, that is not always the case.  Occasionally, property is stolen or vandalized.  Students are responsible for protecting their personal property from theft and vandalism. While the campus is well supervised, school officials cannot be everywhere at all times.  The school is not responsible for the security of personal property.

·       Backpacks and personal belongings should not be left unattended.  Bikes should be secured at all times.  Students are responsible for providing their own locks for bicycles.

·       Acts of theft or vandalism should be reported immediately to a school administrator or campus supervisor.  Students are encouraged to file police reports if items of value have been stolen or vandalized.  Recovered goods will be returned to their rightful owner. 

·       Students caught stealing or vandalizing school or personal property will be subject to the appropriate disciplinary consequences and restitution.

Lost and Found:

The Lost and Found is located in the Finance Office.  After providing proper identification, students may claim articles from the office personnel.

I.  Windsor Publications

·       The Paw Prints - The Windsor High School yearbook.

·       The Jaguar Prints - The Windsor High School student newspaper, written and edited by student journalists.

·       The Windsor High School News - The administration and staff newsletter for parents, students, and the community.

J.   Community and Parent Involvement

All Windsor High School parents and other interested adults are encouraged to get involved in our school community.

·       Athletic Boosters - a group of parents and friends who support Windsor High School athletics and arts programs with fundraisers and donations.

·       Volunteers - share their time and talents with students and staff by working in various support roles around the campus and as members of the School Site Council.  Volunteers make significant contributions to the overall success of the total Windsor High School Program.  Contact the Windsor High School Volunteer Coordinator for more information.

School Governance Bodies:

The Windsor High School Leadership Team and School Site Council are the major decision-making bodies for the school.

Their main purposes are to:

1.              Provide direction and clarity with regard to Windsor High School policies

2.              Act as an advisory board to the WUSD Board of Trustees for policy decisions made by the district

3.              Develop and recommend to the Board of Trustees a plan for continuous school improvement

4.              Review annually with the principal, teachers, other school personnel, and students, the implementation and effectiveness of the School Improvement Plan, recommend changes or modifications in response to changing needs or priorities and adjust the budget accordingly

5.              Maintain and improve communications within the school and between the school and community

6.              Communicate to the Superintendent and the Board of Trustees the School Improvement Plan, the progress of implementation of the plan, and the results of evaluation of the plan components

7.              Perform other functions and duties as specified by the California E.C.

Meetings for each governance body are held monthly and are open to students, parents, and staff.

K.  Textbooks

Textbooks are distributed and collected by classroom teachers or the school librarian.   Students are responsible for returning these books to the staff member who issued them.  Students are responsible for lost or damaged books.  Damaged or lost book charges can be paid in the office.  Semester report cards and transcripts will be issued only when all charges are cleared.

L. Visitors to School

Persons who are not students at Windsor High School, nor school employees, and who do not have official business at school, are not to be present on campus during school hours, including lunch and breaks.  Visitors from other schools are welcome only when they have made arrangements at least 24 hours in advance by contacting a school administrator.  There will be no visits permitted during finals week.  Visitors must also:

·       Show identification when asked by a member of the WHS staff.

·       Secure prior permission from the teachers whose classes they wish to visit.

All visitors must report to the main office immediately upon arrival on the school campus.

Student Services