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WHS/ROP Culinary Arts I
Unit Plan

Unit 1: Orientation and Introduction
•    Understanding class expectations
•    Know, understand and follow WHS and Culinary Arts policies
•    Understand kitchen facility / classroom procedures
•    Understand grading criteria

Unit 2: Safety and Sanitation
•    Pass safety and sanitation quiz with a grade of 75 or higher
•    Value and demonstrate good sanitation habits
•    Demonstrate proper safety methods used for all kitchen equipment
•    Demonstrate how to correctly wash dishes/ run maintain dishwashers
•    Demonstrate how to correctly wash, dry and put away laundry

Unit 3: Use and care of Hand Tools, Utensils and Measurements
•    Identify and properly use all the above
•    Use and memorize measurements
•    Demonstrate care with and maintenance of knives
•    Demonstrate various knife cuts: large, medium and small dice, bruniose, chiffonade, battonet and julienne
•    Knife sharpening

Unit 4: Use and Care of Equipment
•    Understand and operate all kitchen equipment safely
•    Understand the need for and method of properly cleaning and maintaining all kitchen equipment
•    Demonstrate an ability to use all power equipment safely

Unit 5: Standard Recipe Use
•    Convert weights and measurements
•    Reduce a recipe
•    Increase a recipe

Unit 6: Food Quality
•    Understand and Identify the different food groups
•    Demonstrate an understanding of basic nutritional values of foods
•    Food Pyramid: USDA and your own

Unit 7: Fruits and Vegetables:
•    Identify fruits and vegetables and their source
•    Know the handling and storing of fruits and vegetables
•    Know the preparation techniques of fruits and vegetable

Unit 8: Pasta and Rice
•    Identify varieties of pasta and rice
•    Understand and demonstrate the methods for cooking rice
•    Understand and demonstrate the methods for cooking pasta

Unit 9: Soups
•    Name the different classifications of soups
•    Prepare and evaluate various cream soups
•    Prepare and evaluate different stocks
•    Prepare and evaluate clear coups
•    Prepare and evaluate chowders

Unit 10: Quick Breads
•    Study and Identify the common types of quick breads
•    Prepare and evaluate breads, rolls, muffins and scones

Unit 11: Yeast Breads
•    Study the chemical actions of yeast
•    Identify the common types of yeast bread
•    Prepare and evaluate French bread, breadsticks, white bread and rustic loaves

Unit 12: Desserts
•    Study and identify types of cakes, cookies and pies
•    Prepare and evaluate type of cakes
•    Know and demonstrate the common types of icings and frostings
•    Know the common types of cookies
•    Prepare and evaluate cookies
•    Prepare and evaluate pie crust and various fillings

Unit 13: Breakfast Cookery
•    Define the features unique to the breakfast meal
•    Know and demonstrate the various methods for cooking eggs
•    Prepare and evaluate; crepes, pancakes, potato dishes

Unit 14: Lunch Preparation:
•    What we eat for lunch; home, school, restaurant and fast food
•    Examination of lunches available at WHS, nutritionally and aesthetically 
•    Fast Food and its’ impact on our bodies
•    Demonstrate an understanding of a healthy lunch
•    Prepare and evaluate various “healthy lunch menus”

Unit 15: Food Demonstration
•    Demonstrate the ability to practice mise en place
•    Create a dish for the class
•    Present a demonstration of this dish
•    Write a reflection paper on the experience

Unit 16: Professionalism Skills
•    Demonstrate effective communication and interpersonal skills
•    Recognize and use resources
•    Demonstrate the ability to work as a team member, build consensus, and produce quality work
•    Logically and effectively solve personal and professional problems
•    Demonstrate ability to work towards goals with a set time.
•    Identify and value quality work

Unit 17: The Custodial Arts
•    Demonstrate an ability to properly clean and sanitize all parts of the kitchen and classroom
•    Demonstrate an ability to work as a team in cleaning the kitchen
•    Understand the proper cleaning supplies for every part of the kitchen and classroom

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