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Welcome to your homework web page!
Due Thursday, Oct. 13: read p. 426-429, do # 3, p. 429

Due Tuesday, Oct. 4:
read p. 421-422, do # 3 p. 425

Due Friday, Sept. 30
: read p. 410 and do Cornell notes on important inventions
Due Wednesday, Sept. 28: read p. 396-400, and do # 2, p. 400

Due Thursday, Sept 22:
rewrite your paragraphs based on corrections and comments
Due Tuesday, Sept 20
finish your 3 paragraphs (due Friday Sept. 16) based on today's discussion and notes

Due Friday, Sept 16: Write 3 paragraphs on "How did the USA
a) limit the power of government in the Cponstitution?
b) expand to the West, 1803-1853?
c) build on the "roots" of democracy?

Due Wednesday, Sept. 14: Write 3 paragraphs on the importance of 9/11
Due Thursday, Sept. 8:
write paragraphs on the importance of Labor Day
Due Thursday, September 1: write another "layer" for your box or pyramid, based on the graphic organizer and the parts of your"Ancient Roots of Democracy" reading we read and discussed in class

Due Thursday, September 1:
What do you think we should spend tax money on? Write a paragraph (of 4 or more sentences) explaining how YOU think the US government should be spending our tax money.

Due Tuesday, August 30:
finish or improve your box or pyramid

Due Friday, August 26:
create a box or pyramid on the roots of democracy, based on your notes

Due Wednesday August 24
: use media (newspaper, TV or internet) to find out what happened in Libya over the last few days. Then write one paragraph (four or more complete sentences) describing what happened AND one paragraph on why you think it is important to our study of  representative democracy.

Due Monday August 22: complete the Cornell Notes on the reading selection on the other two ancient Greek forms of government: oligarchy and tyranny. Also, complete your "So What?" conclusions on both sides of your handout with questions for your Cornell Notes.

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