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Parents and Students: This is the place where you will find homework and details regarding assignments for Grand Rounds. I post daily. If you don't see an assignment here, there is no homework! However, there is homework every night in core, so don't forget to check Berry and Vinson too.


8/18 and 8/19
Parent signatures on "mature content" syllabus. Organized binder.

8/22 and 8/23
Finish Values Auction follow up questions if not completed in class.

8/24 and 8/25
Directions for activity: What Do You Stand For? Due next class.

8/26 and and 8/29
Hippocratic Oath Assignment
Don't forget to print the three articles and bring to class with you next time.

9/1 and 9/2
If you missed class today, you must do the following:
1. Quickwrite: Imagine yourself in a third world country working as a nurse or doctor. What would be the greatest challenge for you?

2. Visit Riders For Health website. Read about their mission and background of the program, the countries where they operate, and challenges to providing health care. Write a 1/2 and 1/2 (one page summary/personal response).

9/6 and 9/7
HW: Complete "Career in the Spotlight" Research. You must answer all of the questions on your selected (one) medical or public safety career. Site the online sources you visited, and print information on your career from two sources.
SRJC log in information below:
SRJC Career Matchmaker Instructions

9/8 and 9/9
Informational Interview planning

9/12 and9/13
Complete "half and half" on Doctors' Diaries (one page summary/personal response). Continue with Informational Interview (due 9/22 and9/23).

9/14 and 9/15
Homework: Review Five Sources of Ethical Standards for quiz next time. Continue working on Informational Interview.

9/20 and 9/21
Portfolios due and career panel presentations happening next class. Read instructions below:Career Panel Presentation Instructions

9/30 and 10/3
Read Medical Terminology text Chapter 1 (pgs 1-6). Take Cornell Notes on chapter.

10/4 and 10/5
Read pages 9-13 in text and review class notes. Study for quiz next class which includes term components and rules for forming medical terms.

10/6 and 10/10
Make your prefix flash cards (all 59) on orange and attach to ring. Word part on one side, meaning on other with graphics or symbols to help you remember. Bring to class. Happy memorization!
If you missed class today, watch TED Talk below:  and pick up assignment.

10/11 and 10/12
Quiz on prefixes 1-20 -10/13(Aday) and 10/14 (Bday)

10/13 and 10/14
If you missed class today due to shadowing or an absence, please do the reading and response assignment below. Response questions are at the end of the article.
Cosmetic surgery: What children will do to appear normal

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