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Assignment: Writing An Artist's Statement


The first question is: What is an artist's statement?  And the second question is: Why do you need one? To answer the second question first, your artist's statement will help potential buyers, other students or A.P. Portfolio graders to understand what you believe to be the most important aspects of your art and the techniques you use to make it. The statement should summarize these things in as few words as possible, and not be a lengthy dissertation.

Don’t expect to come up with the statement in one sitting. The time you spend in developing a worthwhile statement is invaluable in helping you define your art for yourself. Today you will do some brainstorming on the following questions, as though you were interviewing yourself.  You don’t need to answer every question.  Please answer most:

·      Why do you like to make art?

·      What subject matter do you prefer? Why?

·      What processes and techniques do you use? Why?

·      How is your work different from others?

·      What do you see in your artwork?

·      What do other people say they see?

·      What are your goals and aspirations as an artist?

·      Who or what inspires you?


 Don't analyze, just write any and all of your ideas down. Once you have a good start, start comparing one thought to another and decide which ones grab you. Throw the others out. Keep comparing and eliminating until you have three or four main ideas that express the essence of your artistic purpose. Your statement should be short, clear, understandable, not over-stated. Everything in your statement should be relevant to your art.


My Artist Statement

            Art is a creative outlet for me in the same sense that music is. Making art requires a certain amount of concentration and dedication. It can be considered a form of meditation for me as well. My artwork is often filled with a lot of social, cultural, political, and personal commentary. Art provides a passageway into the artist's mind. I make art in an attempt to offer my own perspective on subject matter either visually or commentary-wise. I aspire to be something more than a bystander.

            People inspire me. People have thoughts, opinions, differing perceptions visually and psychologically. They create society and culture. They are constantly influencing each other and their surroundings. My motivation for art comes from the fact that all people have something personal to offer, including me. The styles I work in are objective and I typically prefer to work expressively, but also realistically.


                        Jennifer Giang



Artist Statement


I began expressing myself at a young age, mainly through sketches and various types of crafts. Over the years I have dabbled in many activities that have allowed me to use my creative side; sports, writing, and projects. During my freshman year at high school I decided to take an art class, the only problem was that there were no seats available. That summer I took a beginning art class at the Santa Rosa Junior College, and so my path as an artist began.


After experimenting with chalk, pen, and paint I feel that my strength is in mixed-media along with three-dimensional features. My subjects mainly come from my experiences, memories, and dreams. I participate in sports, so a majority of my pieces include or relate to sports, mainly soccer or softball. I also enjoy drawing and including nature in my pieces; water features and flowers are a few of my favorite subjects. Goals of mine as an artist are to learn and improve overall.  I feel I have started to grow and will work hard to continue growing.



Jillian Rizo




·      E-mail final draft: [email protected] on or before:  January 5



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