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Due Thurs. 10/13:
-Respond to each statement of your Anticipation Guide. Give a detailed explanation for each of your opinions, including examples. Explanations must be 2-5 sentences long. *Anticipation Guide statements are available in the powerpoint on the Agenda/Materials page.
-Bring post-it notes
-Continue to gather and annotate your research sources for your core final.
Due Tues. 10/11:
-Continue to research for your core final and annotate according to the procedures we discussed in class (see Agenda/Materials).
Due Thurs. 10/6:
-Study for Odyssey test: character identification, vocabulary, map/jourmey notes, and discussion topics. See Study Guide notes taken in class (Agenda/Materials)
-Bring in at least one research source that you've found for your core final (to learn and apply annotation process). If you can, try to bring in three different colored highlighters or pens.
Due Tues. 10/4:
-Revised final draft of Personal Narrative. Attach IN ADVANCE, in the following order: rubric, final draft, rough draft, peer-editing worksheet.
-Being studying for Odyssey test: journey notes (memorize steps/locations) and vocabulary.
*All Personal Narrative Materials available under Honors Agenda/Materials.
Due Fri. 9/30:
-DJ #4-quote from Books 22-23
-Typed rough draft of personal narrative assignment due
Due Wed. 9/28
-DJ #3 - quote from book 21
-Finish Hero's Journey Elements Chart (available under 9/22 Agenda and Materials if you need it)
*Please bring in your file folder for your writing portfolio if you forgot to bring on Mon.
Due Mon. 9/26:
-"Illustrated Odyssey" Books 1-8 Summary Questions
-Complete Map/Journey Notes (steps 1-14)
-Vocab Chart Books 21-23
*Please personalize/decorate your file folder (for your writing portfolio) and bring to class on Mon. We will start filing some stuff
**All handouts above available under Honors Agenda/Materials
Due Thurs. 9/22:
-Complete three homework questions for "Siren Song" poem (handout available under Agenda/Materials)
-Notebook Check #1 is due!! Use the checklist to ensure that you will receive as many points as possible.
Due Tues. 9/20:
-DJ #2, quote from Book 12 (complete in your NOTEBOOK)
-Travel Diary Entry or Letter from Odysseus. Instructions:
Using the voice/perspective of Odysseus, please write a travel diary entry or a meaningful letter to a loved one or to a god that explores his feelings at the end of Book 12. Be sure it includes:
1. Description of the internal conflicts he must have had: Was it right to choose Scylla over Charybdis? Should I have told my men the dangers ahead for them?
2. Describe how it felt for him to watch his friends reaching out to him for help as they dangled above him from the monster’s mouths.
*Format is flexible: shoot for at least 1 page hand-written, 1 paged typed double-spaced, or 1/2-3/4 page typed single-spaced. You can be creative as well, just make sure the writing portion is developed.


Due Fri. 9/16:
-Book 12 Vocab Chart (attachment available under Agenda/Materials if you need it)
Due Wed. 9/14:
-Book 10 Vocab Chart: for each word, add synonym and antonym in left-hand column, and a sample sentence using the original word on the right-hand column. Reminder: synonyms and antonyms should be the same part of speech as the original word.
-Double-Entry Journal (DJ) #1: quote from Book 10. Be sure to complete in your Notebook (don't tear out).
See Agenda/Materials page for vocab words/definitions and Double-Entry Journal directions/sample.

*Note to Rock (3A): forgot to tell you about College Fair extra credit opportunity. If you can provide me with a list of the three favorite colleges that you checked out, with a detailed explanation why for each, you may receive up to 5 pts extra credit for the grading period.
Due Mon. 9/12:
-Make up a descriptive epithet for yourself create a "name plate" on a piece of paper for next class (fold a piece of paper in half lenghth-wise).
Ex. Odysseus, raider of cities; Polyphemus, offender of guests; Agamemnon, son of Atreus, etc.
-Book 9 Review HW:
1. Make a chart of Odysseus’ virtues and faults: on the left column, make a list of actions or behaviors you think make him a good person (or hero), and on the right, list things that might make him a bad person. Minimum 8 details all together.
2. Using your chart and reasoning discussed in class, write a persuasive paragraph explaining whether you like or dislike Odysseus so far (must choose one side). In the paragraph, include three concrete reasons that helped you form you opinion. Be sure to include how Odysseus’ actions and behaviors made you feel (Did they inspire you? Offend you?). 3. Based on the close of Book 9, write a 2-3 sentence prediction about what you think may happen to Odysseus and his men next.
See handout attachment below for full instructions with persuasive paragraph outline:
Due Thurs. 9/8:
-First Impressions: Double-Entry Homework
What to do:
1.Give me three examples of important things that Odysseus says, does or decides from the section we’ve read so far (summarized, 1 sentence OK)
2.Next to each, explain why this is significant to his character development. What do you think it may reveal about him or how do you think it will affect the story in the future? (3 sentences)
**Please set this up double-entry style: the things he says, does or decides on the left, and your explanation next to each on the right.
Use your map notes to jog your memory about the reading.
-Study for Quiz: Intro to Odyssey notes taken in class, as well as Gods and Monsterns notes taken from group presentations
Due. Tues. 9/6
-"My Hero" Creative Writing Assignment. Write a short story about a hero and conflict or challenge he or she faces. No more than 700 words typed, double-spaced (approximately two pages). Must be formatted according to the sample below. You must staple a copy of the assignment handout/rubric with your story (staple to front). Please see link to full assingment below for full instructions.
Please reference the following sample for help with format:
-Gods and Monsters Research. Fill out the half-sheet provided with as much detail as possible on the god/goddes/monster you were assigned in class. Avoid Wikipedia as a resource, but other web resources are great. Some useful links are provided below.
Useful links:
1. Zeus
2. Athena
3. Poseidon
4. Hermes
5. Apollo
6. Calypso and Circe
7. Polyphemus (Cyclops)
8. Sirens
Due. Tues. 8/30:
-Fill out the other side of your Story Analyis Sheet based on a compelling film, book, story, or fairy-tale of your choosing. Please be as detailed as possible and use your Elements of Fiction notes as a reference.
*See Agenda/Materials for Story Analysis Sheet
Due Fri. 8/27:
-Please click on the link below to view a very helpful slideshow that explains/reviews the basic elements of fiction (essentially, the stuff you need to make a story!). As you read and study the slideshow, fill out the definitions/examples for each term on the Elements of Fiction: Skeletal Outline (except for Irony; we'll do that later). Please use your judgement on what you need to copy, what you could paraphrase, and what could be left out.
-Final supply check is Friday. Make sure you have file folder and post-its, plus anything else you did not have on Monday.
Due Wed. 8/25:
No new homework, unless you need to make up points for parent signature slip or supply check. Enjoy!
Due Mon. 8/22:
-Prepare/rehearse your oral presentation. MAKE SURE TO BRING THE ASSIGNMENT WITH THE RUBRIC ON THE BACK. You will need to hand it to me as you go up to present! That is all you will need to "turn in" for this assignment.
-Parent/Student Signatures - please detach slip at the end of my syllabus. Make sure you are aware of the materials you need to get before you do this, as part of that section will come off on the slip. (5 pts)
-Supply Checks:
Due Mon: English-Only Notebook, binder with designated sections, pens/pencils (5 pts)
Due by Fri. 8/26: standard file folder, at least one set of post-it notes (5 pts)

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