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Pre-Calculus                                                 Ms. Zimmer

Fall 2011               Course Syllabus             [email protected]


                 Give a man a fish, he eats for a day, teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime                           Chinese Proverb


            Welcome to the powerful world of Pre-Calculus. All students CAN be incredibly successful UNDERSTANDING mathematics. However, like all things we want to excel at, it takes a measurable amount of commitment and practice. My job is to provide you with challenging; worthwhile tasks that help you understand and learn how to do mathematics. Your job is to be FLEXIBLE, DETERMINED, and PREPARED.


Why Pre-Calculus?

            Although the study of trigonometric functions started with the study of special triangles, it was found to have many applications. We study functions to learn more about oscillating motion, sound waves, and business cycles among other things. Engineers, astronomers, navigators, programmers, carpenters, kinesiologists and physicists need to know the nature of functions. And of course, this course satisfies the University of California A-F requirements and is a pre-requisite for any further studies in mathematics.


Course Description:  During this course you will be studying the nature of functions and how we use mathematical models to describe events. Function topics include: polynomial and rational, trigonometric, exponential and logarithmic functions. You will be introduced to vectors and use the Laws of Sine and Cosine to solve field problems. You will also investigate the conic sections, limits, and work on your readiness for college mathematics.


Materials:  Everyday, students are expected to have the following: Covered Textbook


Loose Leaf Paper             Graph Paper                  Graphing Calculator       Textbook


            Colored Pencils or Pens                        Positive Attitude                        Sense of Humor                        Brain in the “on” position



Grading and Assessment:            You will be graded on Daily Work (10 pts each), projects, presentations, group tests and individual tests. Grades will be based on approximately 20% Daily Work and Class Work and 80% for group tests, projects (and/or labs), and individual tests. The semester final is 20% of your SEMESTER grade. Your grade each grading period is progressive. This grading policy is a DEPARTMENTAL policy for all Pre-Calculus courses.



How to achieve top grades and lasting understanding of the material:

v Take responsibility for your own learning

v Respect other’s insights, questions, and opinions

v Share and become involved

v Respect other’s personal space and property




Daily Work:  Class work and homework will be assigned EVERY DAY we meet. If you are frustrated or stuck you have many options: see me in G109 any day at lunch or after school free, friendly, fabulous help. Assignments will posted on the board, on the wall by the door, and on the school website, under Staff, Ms. Zimmer’s Webspace. (Please noteIt is YOUR responsibility to have homework assignments complete on the duedate whether or not the website is updated!) Include on your Assignments your name, period, and Assign. Number!

Class Work and Assignment Rubric:            (With Name, Period, and Assignment Number!!!)


10All problems are attempted, including warm-up and class work and work is clearly shown. Most problems are correct and corrections are made in class as evidenced by a SECOND COLOR.

8Most problems are attempted and work is clearly shown. Some corrections are made in class.

6Most problems are attempted and work is vaguely shown. Some corrections are made.

Nothing below a “6” will be given at this timeonly a “resubmit.” You have until the next class period to resubmit. (First 6 weeks of class only).




Department Grade Structure for Pre-Calculus:

Homework and Classwork:            20% of Progress Grade

Tests and Quizzes:                        80% of Progress Grade

Semester Final:                                    20% of Semester Grade




Cell phones and headphones must be turned off and put away during class time.




Class buddy name and phone number___________________________________


Class buddy name and phone number___________________________________






Roll up your sleeves, take a deep breath, find a study buddy, and GO FOR IT!






8695 Windsor Road, Windsor California 95492 Phone 707.837.7767 FAX 707.837.7773