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Agenda Mon. 10/10:
1. Collect Map/Journey Notes and Character Identification Sheet
2. Odyssey Test
3. Mini-Lesson and Activity: Parphrase vs. Summarize
4. Annotation
Agenda Tues. 10/4:
1. Collect Personal Narrative packets (rubric, final draft, rough draft, peer-edit worksheet)
2. Character Identification Quiz
3. "Clash of the Gods" video/review questions
4. Study Guide Notes
5. Vocab Review Game
Study Guide Notes for Odyssey Test:
Test Components:
-Character Identification
-Vocabulary Definition Matching/ Use in a sentence
-Fill-in-the Blank/Short Answer Comprehension Questions
-Written Response Questions
What to Study:
Character Identification sheet done in class today
All Vocab Charts: 9, 10, 12, 21-23
Map/Journey Notes
Written-Response topics: 1. Hospitality: Discuss the importance of hospitality in Greek culture (what does a good host/guest do). Give examples of bad hosts/guests in The Odyssey and the consequences that they ultimately suffer. 2. Impulsive/Indulgent Behavior: What does the Odyssey teach us about impulsive/indulgent behavior? Give different examples where characters behave impulsively or indulgently (acting on desires without thinking) and explain the consequences.
From Mon. 10/3:
1. Journal #12 "Penelope" (Check DJ, draft, and collect folders)
2. Three Corners
3. Peer-Editing Workshop
Journey Notes 10/3:
15. Ithaca - Disguised as a beggar, Odysseus returns to find Penelope has over 100 suitors who have taken over the palace, believing he is dead. Penelope presents a near impossible archery contest to the suitors, declaring she will marry whoever can accomplish it. Meanwhile, Odysseus hatches a plan to kill all the suitors: he retrieves his bow and arrows, wins the contest and, with the help of Athena, he and Telemachus kill them all. When he reveals himself to Penelope, she does not believe it is him. She tests his identity by asking her servant to bring out her bed for the "stranger" to sleep on. Odysseus becomes angry because only he and Penelope know the bed is immovable. Thus he reaveals his identity, she tells him of her test, and they joyfully reunite.
From Thurs. 9/29:
1. DOL/Journal #11 (HW check)
2. Finish Odyssey (Books 22-23)
3. Sample Narrative/Hook Strategy Activity
4. Draft/Brainstorm Time
*Sorry, no electronic copy of sample "hooks" handout, but here are the notes we took about how to create an effective hook (opening line) for your narrative:
A good "hook"..
-might make the reader wonder/ask questions (deliberately unclear or strange)
-might contain something shocking or unexpected
-might be highly relatable to a wide range of readers (i.e. "Starbucks" or "Sept. 11")
-SHOULD set up crucial elements of the story, such as: conflict(plot), setting, characterization, etc.
-MUST use descriptive languge (adjectives) to create imagery: make the reader picture and inhabit the world of your story immediately
From Tues. 9/27:
1. Journal #10
2. Review Books 1-8 Summaries/Journey Notes
3. Introduce Narrative Writing Assignment
4. Read Book 21/Select DJ quote
Journey Notes 9/27:
13. Calypso's Island: Odysseus washes up here the sole survivor of his company. Calypso holds him captive for 7 years until Hermes sends her the message that she must release him. She offers Odysseus immortality if he will stay with her, but he refuses. She then helps him build a raft to leave the island.
14. The Land of the Phaeacians (Scheria): King Alcinous and his family treat Odysseus as a guest of honor. They declare a holiday, throw a banquet for him, entertain him with sports and songs, and provide him with a ship to get home (all before they even know his name or his story).
From Fri. 9/23:
1. Return Notebooks
2.Individual Work Day/Return Work Session
-Siren Song Analysis Chart (Imagery and Tone). Attached to groupwork and homework from last class and submitted to grade bin (due 9/23)
-"Illustrated Odyssey" Books 1-8 Summaries and Questions. Due Tues.
-Update steps 13 and 14 on Map/Journey Notes. Steps 1-14 due Tues.
-Vocab Chart Books 21-23. Due Tues.
-Odysseus Travel Diary Entry/Letter to a Loved one (minimum one page in length hand-written, one page typed double-spaced, or 3/4 page typed single-spaced. Due Tues.
"Illustrated Odyssey" Books 1-8 Summary PDF (sorry, no Word document available)
From Wed. 9/21:
1. Journal #9
2. Three Corners Debate
3. "Siren Song" Poetry Work
4. Homework Explanation
From Mon. 9/19:
1. D.O.L./Journal #8
2. Finish Reading Book 12/Update Journey Notes
3. Select DJ Quote/Notebook Check Review
4. Vocab Game
5. Homework Time
No new handouts
Journey Notes from 9/19:
8. Underworld/Land of the Dead= the prophet Tiresius warns Odysseus that he and his men must exercise restraint and control if they are to survive their journey. He also tells Odysseus which route he is to take.
9. Circe's Island again = Circe gives Odysseus advice about his immediate journey, warning him about: the Sirens, the Drifters (rocks), Scylla and Charybdis, and Thrinacia (Helios' cattle). She advises Odysseus that he should hug the cliff of Scylla and sacrifice 6 men, rather than risk all of them to Charybdis. She also tells him not to eat any of Helios' cattle.
10. Sirens = Odysseus does exactly as Circe tells him and covers his mens' ears with wax, while he has himself tightly bound to the ship so he can listen but not pursue the sirens. They escape them without incident.
11. Pass of Scylla and Charybdis = though he does not warn his men of the danger, he tells them to hug the cliff of Scylla, avoiding Charybdis on the other side. As the men watch Charybdis swirl and erupt from afar, Scylla snatches up 6 of Odysseus' men. He watches them get eaten as they scream and call for him, while he and the rest of his men escape on a racing stroke.
12. Thrinacia (island of Helios) = Odysseus allows his men to persuade him to stop here. Despite his warnings not to eat the cattle, the men give into hunger and slaughter some. Helios threatens not to shine unless Zeus takes revenge, so he sends down a thunderbolt, destroying the ship and all of Odysseus' men. The sole survivor, Odysseus washes up on the island of Calypso. 
From Thurs. 9/15:
1. Journal #7
2. Small Group Discussion Activity: Book 10
3. Update Journey Notes/Start Book 12
4. Select DJ quote, start homework
*If you were absent for this activity, choose the topic of your choice and complete both tasks.
Journey Notes: see 9/13 for steps 5-7
8. The Underworld (Land of the Dead) - the prophet Tiresius warns Odysseus that he and his men will need exercise restraint and control if they want to make it home.
From Tues. 9/13:
1. D.O.L./Journal #6
2. HW share - epithets and "first impressions"
3. Book 9 Vocab Quiz/Start Book 10 Vocab Chart
4. Double-Entry Journal Homework Explanation
5. Read Book 10/Select DJ quote/Update Journey Notes
Double-Entry Journal Directions/Sample PDF
Journey Notes from 9/13:
5. Aeolus' island = the king of the wind; gives them a fair wind to blow them home, as well as a bag of storm winds. Odysseus' men open the bag, and they're blown back to Aeolus, who refuses to help them again.
6. Land of the Laestrygones = cannibals who lob boulders at the ships, destroying all but Odysseus,' leaving only 45 survivors.
7. Circe's island (Aeaea) - Eurylochus leads a party to explore and they come upon Circe's hall; Circe turns all the men into swine but Eurylochus, who flees to tell Odysseus. Odysseus goes after his men, meeting Hermes on the way who gives him moly to protect him and a warning to make Circe swear not to play a trick on him. He gets her to do this in exchange for sleeping with her and she turns all his men back to normal. He and his men stay for a year, until his men finally persuade Odysseus to move on. Circe warns him that he must visit the underworld and the prophet Tiresius first.
From Fri. 9/9:
1. Journal #5
2. Gods and Monsters Presentations
3. Read Book 9 of Odyssey
4. Map: Jounrey Notes (step 1-4)
5. Homework explanation
Journey Notes from 9/9 (add to map handout in detail):
1. Troy - where the story starts, after 10 years at war; Odysseus famous for winning/ending this war
2. Ismarus - land of the Ciccones, allies of Troy; Odysseus' men loot and eventually battle Ciccones, who kill 72 of Odysseus' men, forcing them to flee
3. Land of the Lotus Eaters - Odysseus/men end up here after severe wind and strong currents blow them way off course; lotus flower = like a drug; when eaten, makes men euphoric and forget about home and their purpose; Odysseus has to drag his men back to the ship to flee
4. Land of the Cyclopes - Odysseus and 12 of his best men land here to explore and get supplies/help. Odysseus' men want to steal and run off with what they con, but Odysseus wants to wait for the Cyclops (curious, and wants to be a good guest).  Cyclops traps them and eats several of his men; they blind him and escape hiding under sheep. Once freed, Odysseus taunts Polyphemus, and Polyphemus curses him to Poseidon. The curse: let Odysseus journey home be long and hard, let all his men die, and let him return to bitter days a thome.
From Wed. 8/31
1. DOL/Journal #4
2. Copy Book 9 Vocab: Double-Entry/Explain Homework
3. Gods and Monsters Group Activity
From Mon. 8/29:
1. Journal #3
2. "The Little Match Girl" Group Analysis Activity
3. Intro to the Odyssey: Powerpoint and Notes
4. Gods and Monsters Research Homework: Explanation
*See Homework page for Gods and Monsters handout
From Thurs. 8/25:
1. D.O.L./Journal #2
2. Carousel - Elements of Fiction Prior Knowledge
3. Elements of Fiction - Slideshow and Outline notes
4. Homework Explanation
See Notebook Checklist for D.O.L. and Journal #2
From Tues. 8/23:
1. D.O.L.
2. Journal #2
3. "Designing Heroes" Group Activity
See Academic Notebook Checklist for D.O.L. and Journal topic.
From Fri. 8/19:
1. Attendance/Name Game
2. Ice Breaker
3. Syllabus/Class Routine Overview
4. Letter to Miss LeBeau - 5pts
To view or download a copy of the syllabus, please click on the Syllabus page to the left.
Letter to Miss LeBeau
Dear Miss LeBeau,
-One thing you like about English
-One thing you don't like about English
-One thing you think I should know about you, especially something that might impact your schoolwork.
-Anything else you want to tell me about yourself (please)
Your Name

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