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Culinary 2                          Assignments for August
This class meet six times between today and the end of August.
Your homework will be to complete one cooking at home assignment, and 6 handwritten pages of response to the 6 prompts listed below.
Cooking at Home: please prepare one food item, from scratch, and complete the cooking at home worksheet. An adult signature is required to verify the completion of this assignment.  Worth 40 points. Due on August 27 (A day) and August 28 (B day). You can download the worksheet on WHS website.


For the next three weeks, you will work on the answers to the following 6 prompts. Each response must be one full page. Due on September 9 ( A day) and September 10 (B day ). Worth 120 points.
The prompts are:
1. Describe 5 lives you would like to live. How will you create each life? What are your educational needs?  Will you need to move? How will you achieve any of these 5 ambitions?
2. Describe ways that you are creative. Creativity can include conversation, thinking, dreaming, sports, arts, crafts, music, photography, writing or any other creative pursuit.
3. Describe your experiences with food memories; your best and worst meal of all time. Include the aromas, the location, the company you kept, the occasion, the menu, the  setting, and any other pertinent information.
4.  Define your American experience. What is your American identity? Describe how you relate to your American experience and in what ways your family celebrates America. (example: holidays, sporting events, vacations, etc)
5.  What one change could you make to this country  to make it a better place to live for all Americans? How would you implement this change?
6.  What one change would you make to this high school to make it better for all the students? How would it improve? How would you implement this change?

Remember: it takes just as much energy to achieve positive results as it does to achieve negative results. So why waste your energy on failing when that same amount of energy can help you in life to be a success.

This will be an exciting class, and you are going to have the most memorable year you have ever had, and each of you will do very well.

Let’s GO!!!!

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