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STARS Unit  Independent Work

Due at the end of the unit (date TBD

 Cornell Notes


Read each section. Take Cornell Notes.

in Conceptual Physical Science.

40.2-40.8 Stars

20.4 Nuclear Fusion

39.5-39.7 Solar System



Answer questions in complete sentences

Review Questions

P 736-737 # 3,4,5,6,7,10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15



P 737 # 9, 19, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16


P 350 # 9, 10

  P 719 #7,10,11, 13, 15



Identify and list at least 20 key terms from the book and lecture.  Define each term.

Write 6 Vocab Relationship Statements using 12 of the terms.  Underline each key term.

Current Event

Find a current (within the last year) article detailing a recent scientific study or discovery related to the unit.  Summarize the article and explain it relevance (how is it significant to society or  the study of science).  Present this to the class following the test.


Print out article and cite using MLA format.

·      All work must be typed except for the notes.

·      Please staple all notes together in order.

·      Please staple all questions together in order.


10/6 Thursday

Due today:  

Astronomy Daily Q's
Current Event

For tonight:
Begin Independent Work

1.  Cosmos Test
Test Make-up is Tuesday at lunch!!!
2.  Current Event Presentations
all students who did not present today will present on Tuesday.

10/4 Tuesday

Due today:  

Complete Uniformly Expanding Universe Lab (analysis and follow-up questions)

For tonight:
Study for Test
Be prepared to present Current Event

  Discuss Expanding Universe Lab
2.  Study for exam

9/30 Friday

Due today:  

Independent Work (Vocab, Book Notes, and Book Questions)
The Big Bang- notes and questions

For tonight:
Complete Uniformly Expanding Universe Lab (analysis and follow-up questions)


9/28 Wednesday

Due today:  

Hubble Lab
For tonight:
Independent Work (Vocab, Book Notes, and Book Questions) Due on Friday!!!

  1. Review Hubble Lab
  2. Complete and turn in Follow-up questions
  3. The Big Bang take Cornell Notes and Answer the Big Bang Reading Questions

9/26 Monday

Due today:  

For tonight:
Work on Independent work (up through sec. 13.1)
Complete Analysis for Hubble Lab

1.  Hubble Lab

9/22 Thursday

Due today:  

  • Atomic Spectra Follow-up questions
  • Labs #1-5

For tonight:
Work on Independent work (up through sec. 13.1)

  1. Doppler Effect Notes
  2. Pre-labHubble Lab

9/20 Tuesday

Due today:  

Quiz today!

For tonight:
Lab Notebooks- labs #1-5 due next class
Complete Atomic Spectra Follow-up Questions

  1. Electromagnetic Spectrum and Atomic Spectra Quiz
  2. Atomic Spectra Lab Part B: Flame Tests

9/16 Friday

Due today: 

  • Complete Atmosphere and EM Spectrum Worksheet (handed out in class)

For tonight:
Work on Independent Work (Read up through 18.3)
Study for quiz - Quiz Study Guide

1.  Atomic Spectra Lab Part A
2.  Prelab Part B
3.  Colors of the Sun Video
4.  Introduce Quiz topics for next class

9/14 Wednesday

Due today: 

  • Color Spectrum Follow-up Questions

For tonight:
Complete Atmosphere and EM Spectrum Worksheet (handed out in class.

  1. Atomic Spectra Notes
  2. Pre-lab: Atomic Spectra

9/12 Monday

Due today: 
  • Scientific Method Daily Questions

For tonight:
Color Spectrum Follow-up Questions

  1. A black piece of cloth and a white piece of cloth are left on a sunny windowsill. After an hour has passed, which will be warmer to the touch? Support your choice by using your knowledge of electromagnetic radiation.
  2. Why can't humans see very well in the dark? Discuss some anatomical adaptations nocturnal animals have that allow them to survive successfully at night.
  3. Radio waves and ultraviolet rays are both part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Why are we concerned about the amount of exposure to UV rays we may receive but not that of radio waves?
  4.   When we hear the word radiation, we think of danger. Discuss whether this is a reasonable reaction. Is visible light a type of radiation? If so, can it be harmful? What types of radiation should we be concerned about?
  5. A television wave is approximately 3 meters long.  If we were to make this wave part of our model, using a scale of 1 nm equals 1 mm, how long would the strip of paper have to be?  Cite an example of this distance.

  1. Electromagnetic Radiation Notes
  2. Color Spectrum Activity

9/8 Thursday

Due today: 

For tonight:
Independent work reading sections 10.3 and 14.1

1.  Scientific Method Quiz
2.  Introduce Independent Work
3.  Discuss "The Whole Shebang"

9/6 Tuesday

Due today: 
20 Vocab terms defined and vocab relationship statements

For tonight:
Study for Scientific Method Quiz

8/30 Tuesday

Due today: 
Complete Sample Graph and analysis

For tonight:
Make a list of 20 key vocabulary terms for the Scientific Method Unit.  Write 6 vocab relationship statements.  Refer to Assignment Requirements in the Syllabus for a full explanation

1.  Go over Sample Graph
2.  Plop Plop Fizz Fizz Lab

8/26 Friday

Due today: 
Chapter  1 Review page 13.  Complete "Key Terms" #1-8 and "Review Questions" # 2,7,8,10

For tonight:
Complete Sample Graph

1.  Complete Checks Lab
2.  Set up Lab Notebook
3.  Pre-lab for Plop Plop Fizz Lab
4.  Introduce graphing requirements

8/24 Wednesday

Due today: 
Cornell notes on pages 3-12, Chapter 1 of the Physical Science Book. 

For tonight:
Chapter  1 Review page 13.  Complete "Key Terms" #1-8 and "Review Questions" # 2,7,8,10

Checks Lab

8/22 Monday

Due today: 
Signed Student Data Sheet

Class supplies

For tonight:
Read Chapter 1 of the Physical Science Book.  Take Cornell notes on pages 3-12. 

1.  Observation vs. Inference Notes
2.  Picture activity
3.  Set up binder
4.  Check out Biology and Physical Science books from the library.

8/18 Thursday

Due today: 

Summer Assignment- last chance to turn in summer assignments for half credit is Monday.

For tonight:
Read through Honors Syllabus with your parent and have them sign the student data sheet.

Gather all required Supply List for the class.

  1. Ice Breakers
  2. Go over Syllabus
  3. Discuss and present Summer Assignment

Welcome to Honors Integrated Science! 

Your summer assignment is due the first day of class.  Please come to class prepared to discuss the common article and the article that you found.  You will share the key points of your article with the class.

A complete syllabus and supply list will be handed out on Thursday.  You are required to have the following supplies for class on Monday:

- 1 inch binder or larger

- five binder dividers

- Lab notebook (spiral bound with graph paper preferred)

- binder paper

- pens/pencils

Please consider donating the following items to the core:

·      Ream paper                                   

·      Colored pens/ pencils

·      Glue sticks

·      Tissues

·      Paper towels

·      Highlighters

·      Whiteboard pens / erasers

·      Correction tape/ fluid

OOur field trip to the California Academy of Sciences is scheduled for Thursday, October 13th.  WE NEED ADULT CHAPERONES!  Please contact me via email if you are interested in attending this field trip with our class.


I look forward to a great year with all of you!

Karen Wilkinson

8695 Windsor Road, Windsor California 95492 Phone 707.837.7767 FAX 707.837.7773