Rich Carnation was elected to the Windsor School Board in November 2018. Rich wants to build on a community shared vision of Windsor’s schools being the best place for students to learn, teachers to teach and performers to perform. Rich is motivated to make sure our current and future students have it even better than the students that came before them.

Rich brings many years of business experience to the Board. Rich is an entrepreneur by nature and is motivated to create and improve things. Rich is the founder of many successful business enterprises, he is the CEO of Windsors Waterworks Industries Inc., an Aquatic construction and management company as well as other business enterprises. Rich is very curious and inventive and has filed for various Patents and Trademarks in the Financial Services Sector, Solar Industry, Food Services Industry, Aquatics and Construction Industry, receiving two patents for his inventions in the Financial Services Industry.

Rich has been involved with Windsor High School as the founding Head Wrestling Coach for all but two of the last twenty five years helping lead Windsor Wrestling to seven, North Coast Section Championships and a very long list of wrestling champions, many of whom have gone on to be very successful at the collegiate level. Rich was an early Board Member for the Windsor Boys and Girls Club, Windsor High Boosters, founded Windsor Wrestling Club and helped to build the first WHS football field. Rich and wife Becky have five children who have all gone through the various Windsor school campuses, with his youngest daughter a junior at the High School and his oldest grandson is a first grader at Mattie Washburn. Rich has been serving others his whole life and feels very grateful that he has been blessed to have a life full of mentors and hopes to now continue to serve others as a School Board Trustee.