Shawn White
Snowboard champ finally wins gold medals in skateboarding.
October 23, 2021

By: Dominic Wiggam

After twelve X-games appearances and multiple past attempts, snowboarder and skater hybrid Shawn White finally managed to clutch his first gold medal at the X-games 13 Skateboarding Vert finals.  

Shawn came into the event with six snowboarding golds, but none for skateboarding.   When asked how he felt about this, he replied "It hit me that I'd never had a season in skateboarding like I've had in snowboarding.   That's always been a dream for me."   Well, now Shawn's dream has become a reality, and he left X-games 13 a true champion.   But his road to success was not an easy one.

In his first attempt, Shawn was only able to get about half-way through his run, when he launched off the ramp, only to have his board fly out from underneath him.   His first run came to a sudden halt with a 59.75 out of a possible 100.   Fortunately for him, none of the other major competitors such as Bob Burnquist or Buckey Lasek were able to complete their first runs either.   Shawn still had hope.

On his next two runs, Shawn pulled out his biggest tricks, including a 900, and was able to throw down an 85.00 and a 95.75, which put him four points above Pierre Luc Gagnon, who placed second.   Once his final run was completed, Shawn sat down and watched all the other challengers fly about, doing 720's, kickflip-to-melon-grabs and all sorts of tricks.   But no one was able to match his spectactular performance, and once everyone had finished their third and final run, Shawn White became the 2007 X-games Skateboarding Vert gold medalist.   He also became the first person to ever win a gold medal in a board sport in both winter and summer events.   All of his hard work, anxiety, and determination finally paid off, and Shawn White couldn't be happier.