NFL Preview '07
Yet another intriguing NFL season is upon us and as always there are going to be some surprises.   This is where I come in.   By giving you a preview on what to expect in the season and who to watch for.
Break Out Team:

Carolina Panthers, NFC South

After a mediocre 8-8 record in 06', look for the Panthers, lead by wide receiver Steve Smith to rebound and have a huge year.   First, they are in a poor division in the NFC south, where they match up against the lowly Falcons and Buccaneers a combined four times.   Also, a healthy quarterback in Jake Delhomme opens up opportunities for the entire offense as a whole.   However the deciding factor for the Panthers success is the best defensive end in the league: Julius Peppers. I don't believe they'll win the south, although they will definitely contend for one of the wild card spots.

Prediction- 9-7, NFC Wild Card

Break Out Player:

Santonio Holmes, Wide Receiver, Pittsburg

Following a solid rookie season, look for 2 nd year wide out Santonio Holmes (Ohio State) to have a solid sophomore season. Head Coach Mike Tomlin has reinvented the Pittsburg offense so that the lanky 5'11" receiver will get plenty of looks throughout the course of the year.   Holmes is gifted with great hands which goes along very nicely with his incredible quickness.   Expect   several breakout plays and a strong season overall.

Prediction- 1,100 reception yards, 8 TD
Projected Division Champs:

AFC East:

With edition of new wide receiver's Randy Moss and Donte Stallworth, the New England Patriots will not only win the East, they will have it clinched by week 11.   They will tear this division apart.   Can you imagine Tom Brady with multiple receiving targets?

Win-loss: 14-2

AFC North:

Look for the young tail-back Willie Parker to have a monster year.   Ben Roethlisberger will have a great bounce back season because of weapons like Hines Ward and Santionio Holmes. There is a   football buzz in Pittsburg!

Win-loss: 12-4

AFC South:

As football fans, I am sure you don't   need me to tell you whose going to win this division.   The Indianapolis Colts, like the Patriots, will dominate the South.   Joseph Addai will have a great season to go hand in hand with Peyton Manning and Harrison-Wayne duo.   Watch for repeat.   Super Bowl Champs!

Win-loss: 14-2

AFC West:

Two words: LaDainian Tomlinson.   As a football connoisseur I am lucky enough to watch and witness the reign of L.T.   The chargers will barely win the west, finishing a game ahead of Denver. Look for Antonio Gates to have a big year as well.

Win-loss: 12-4

NFC East:

As much as we hate to say it, Terrell Owens is one of the most dominating forces in the NFL.   The Dallas Cowboys will thoroughly destroy the mediocre teams in the East and head deep into the playoffs.

Win-loss: 12-4

NFC North

Brian Urlacher and the Bears defense outweigh the bad offense lead by Rex Grossman. Cedric Benson finally has his chance, lets see what he can do with it. However, watch for the Packers to upset the Bears at least once.  

Win-loss: 11-5

NFC South:

Reggie Bush and Marques Colston will lead the youthful saints to a 10-6 record to win the south.   New Orleans will need their defense to step up for them to contend.

Win-loss: 10-6

NFC West:

A healthy Sean Alexander will lead the second-rate Seahawks over the other three ordinary teams in the West.  

Win-loss: 9-7

AFC Wild Cards:

Baltimore Ravens and Denver Broncos. Both these teams would be division winners if they were in the NFC. However, they're not.   The Steelers will hold off the Ravens while the Chargers contain Denver.  

Den Win-loss: 10-6

Bal Win-loss: 11-5

NFC Wild Cards:

Green Bay Packers and Carolina Panthers.   Brett Favre is determined to win another super bowl but the Packers offense is nothing to brag about, the Defense will have carry this team.   The Panthers schedule is just too easy for them not to succeed. (Look to beginning)

GB Win-loss: 9-7

CAR Win-loss: 9-7

Predictions by: Daniel Steiger