Movie Review: Cloverfield

New York falls victim to a new monster; Blair Witch-like videography the real star
March 10, 2022

By Brandon Rosales

Worth it?

During the summer of 2007, the movie Transformers was released. During the film there was one trailer that caused speculation amongst many viewers. The trailer started out as a surprise party and ended with what seemed like the destruction of New York City. The trailer was also not given a name. With its release, the movie is now known as a Cloverfield .

Cloverfield is a movie about a group of people documenting an attack on New York City by a rare factor: a praying mantis-like monster. The movie starts out with Rob Hawkins, a citizen of New York, filming his experience with Beth McIntyre at her house. The next scenes follow Rob's surprise going-away party, and then the movie takes of from there. The rest of the movie is Rob's journey to save Beth at her apartment, with his friend Hud Platt documenting.  

Cloverfield gained premiere success opening weekend, with $40,058,229 dollars made. The movie has been criticized in many ways. The shaky camera is said to cause motion sickness. Also, critics say the plot is dry and is just another monster movie. One interesting view is that Cloverfield is not sensitive enough to the September 11 terrorist attacks.

But overall, Cloverfield has gained positive reviews, with favorable comparisons to The Blair Witch Project and other genre busting features.   There also rumors of a sequel, perhaps New York, or another American city, is destined to become the new Tokyo, host to giant monsters reminding humans just how small they are.