Greece Wildfires
Wildfires swept the Greek countryside threating anceint ruins
October 17, 2021

By: Rachel Belrose

A Greece once beautiful is still beautiful, but charred. The end of last month marked the end of the 10 day wildfire blaze across the country of Greece that left 65 people dead, destroyed about 4,000 homes, left 469,000 acres of forest and farmland ravaged, and destroyed much of the livestock.

International aid and relief have chipped in their service to the countrywide reconstruction and cleanup efforts, however the possibility of flood caused by downpours will put even more chaos into the already overwhelming devastation. In light of relief efforts the United States has sent over $1.5 million supplies to the Greek Red Cross with more to come. The European Investment Bank has made a $135 million long term loan towards the reconstruction of Greece, with more money coming in the future.

Ancient Olympia was threatened as a wildfire blew dangerously close to the ruins. The home of the first Olympic game, Ancient Olympia narrowly escaped the blaze unharmed; however, the surrounding land was scorched. An organized attack is the suspected cause of the more than 80 wildfires that swept across Greece. Investigations have been conducted, however, no official cause has been found yet. Secret Service, anti- terrorism squads, as well as the police is on task to find the source. Many complaints over the government's unorganized response to the wildfires have sparked debate over how this could be prevented in the future aside from the help of international aid, no clear prevention plan has been mentioned yet.

The calm before the storm was not the case this time as Greece struggled with wildfires during the months of June and July that devastated the country. Now all the fire ravaged Greece needs to do is recover.