New Year, New Threads
What's "in" in this years fashoin
October 11, 2021

By: Aaron Barnett-Kelly

It's a new school, and everyone knows that means back to school shopping. Every year the first day of school feels like a fashion show. New shoes, Pants, tank tops, shirts, jerseys, even new hairstyles. So maybe your in a rut and are asking yourself, "What's 'in' this year?" This may be determined by your "clique" or whether or not you wear your own style of clothing.

Guy's fashion choices vary just as much as girls'. One style that is "in" may be called "gangster" or "hip-hop" type of dress. Tall tees, which are extra large, long tee shirts, usually always one solid color: black or white. These tees usually are layered with a white shirt underneath black, or another color. Pants are usually a pair of baggy dark blue denim pants or black jeans, some times you see the pants scrunched up or rolled then kept up with a rubber band. Nikes, converse, adidas, and even vans are worn in this "clique". Shoes are kept clean and keep that brand new feel, and are worn in solid colors that match the rest of their outfit.

The jock or prep "clique" is another style that's "in" this year and has been for previous years. Although the brand names that are being worn this year may be different, they are still the same old style we are all familiar with. Polo shirts, in many different colors are worn, with a nice pair of shorts. This makes polo shirts an awesome choice for any outfit, making it very casual as well as nice.

And we cant forget about that "skater" look, Many different people wear this style, consisted of brand name skate shirts such as: Volcom, Ipath, Lost, and Vans, are usually worn with a pair of jeans. The jeans are worn a little tighter in this type of style. A lot of times we see the jeans are worn in and a little torn up. Many different "cliques" have started to wear pre-torn jeans, and the skater style would have to be thanked for making it look fashionable.

Male accessories such as: hats, sunglasses, and even jewelry like watches and necklaces are seen spread through out every "clique." The most common hat seen around is usually a baseball cap. These hats come in many different designs and colors as well as any sport team you want. Sunglasses, which look good and help keep the sun out of your eyes, is a great choice to help your outfit. You can't go wrong with accompanying accessories to your outfit.

Now don't be afraid to be limited by the different "cliques" around school. Feel free to wear what you want. Go ahead mix and match all the different styles, maybe you can start your own. These different outfits are just some that I have seen commonly around campus, there are many different types of styles; so don't be limited to just one.