Life on a Cruise Ship
The many extravagencies of a floating resort
October 11, 2021

By: Rachel Belrose

This being my third cruise, all on Carnival Cruise Ships, I was mostly used to all of the luxuries that come with being on a cruise, but this cruise ship was the biggest I've ever been on. Most of the time on the ship, you have to make an itinerary to fit all of activities in, which I pretty much did.

Multiple restaurants, a spa, arcades, casino, shops, and 24-hour food. It almost sounds like Las Vegas. However what was just described was life on a cruise ship. From two years old to just about dead, a cruise ship has something for everyone.

Onboard, entertainment could be found in more ways than one as I soon discovered the first couple of days on the cruise. In many of the lounges onboard, stage productions took place, involving dancers, slightly over the top costumes and wigs. And of course, they were usually musicals. Multiple talent shows that varied in strange content were offered. One involved the people impersonating famous singers. Brittany Spears was one of the "famous" singers, so I was hoping that the performer would rip off her wig to reveal a bald cap. It didn't happen. Entertainment was found in other places aside form the stage, such as the dining rooms. Every night after everyone got their food, the waiters and waitresses would either sing or dance or do both for the guests. Most of the nights, dinner was especially entertaining when they pulled out the wigs and flashing sunglasses.

The dining rooms were a different experience from any other restaurant. First of all, you get your own personal waiter, you can order anything from the menu, and some off of the menu, as many times as you want. But most of all, it's all free, except for what's at the bar, which also includes sodas. There are usually two formal nights in the dining room, suit dress etc. required. The rest of the nights the dining room requires you to dress decently, no sweats. However one place that you can dress as casual as you want is the tip deck, the pool. Some clothes are required though, except for the hairy chest contest (for guys, with actual hair on their chests). That can either be amusing or gross.

The rooms can range from about the size of a shoebox to a hummer. Think about it. A shoebox is small , a hummer is big . 24-hour room service is available no matter the size of the room. The number of activities to choose from is a little overwhelming along with the over the top decorations and the sounds of the casino: of people winning (and losing) money. Mostly though, who doesn't like a floating resort following them to other countries? I know I like it a lot. If you don't like it, then, you're probably a little weird.