Breast Cancer
How much do you know?
January 14 , 2008

By: Chelsey Korman

According to the American Cancer Society, in the year 2002 there were   2,290,000 people living in the United States with breast cancer. Although there is not yet a known cause for cancer, there are ways to decrease the risk of getting the disease. Ways that can be very beneficial to decreasing the chance of breast cancer are quite obvious to most, and very important. Exercise is important; it reduces the hormones that can cause tumors to grow faster. Also, one should eat healthy; fruits and vegetables are some if the healthiest foods you can eat. Last, DRINK LESS ALCOHOL! Although having a glass of wine is proven to be good for the heart, excessive drinking can contribute to cancer.

Exercise is a necessity for the body for many different reasons.   Exercising rids the body of hormones which cause cancer tumors to grow faster.   It is also important because the more you exercise the stronger your body and immune system become. If you have a strong immune system, it can fight the cancer more easily, compared to a body that does not exercise. Exercising, as you know, also speeds up weight loss, and prevents weight gain, which is an important factor in decreasing the chance of getting this disease.   

Fruits and vegetables are extremely healthy, and also quite helpful. It is suggested that the average person should eat up to nine servings of fruit a day. Although some can easily obtain this amount, for others it is unrealistic. So do yourself a favor and eat at least five servings of fruit a day. Fruits contain phytochemicals which consist of disease fighting properties. Although these chemicals are not required for human body survival, they can be helpful when it comes to fighting off a disease, such a breast cancer. Eating fruits and vegetables is not the only way to have a healthy diet. By cutting out the amount of calories from fat you intake a day, you can also reduce the chance of getting cancer. By doing this, the body will begin to lose weight, which will make for a happier and much healthier, cancer free body.      

Last, less alcohol intake; the average person drinks anywhere from one to two glasses of alcohol a day. Studies have proven that drinking a glass of wine a day can be good for the heart. But while you have a healthy heart, you could also be putting yourself at a higher risk of cancer. Having two alcoholic drinks a day can increase the chance of cancer one and a half times, compared to women who intake no alcohol. Also, alcohol causes weight gain. So even if you are maintaining a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables, and exercising the suggested amount, drinking alcohol can still put you at a high risk of getting this disease. These facts are not suggesting to cut out alcohol completely, but to simply reduce your intake.

Cancer is a serious and often fatal disease. Over the past few years, the number of victims with cancer has increased incredibly. There are ways to minimize your chances of getting cancer. These ways are simple and quite effective. By following three simple suggestions you can reduce your risk of getting cancer by a huge amount. Remember to: one, exercise on a regular basis; two, eat healthy; and three, decrease alcohol intake. Although there is not yet a known cure for cancer, science is getting close. But instead of waiting on a cure to be found, be your own cure, and follow these measures. It will help you to lead a healthy, cancer-free life.