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Free Speech and Debate Camp offered for WHS Students this summer

Windsor High School Speech and Debate instructor Bryan St. Amant and the WHS team is offering a 4 day speech and debate camp in August.  The cost is free to All WHS Students.  For more information click Debate Camp Details

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Highlights from Jaguar Troupe’s Death on the Nile

Death on the Nile…. A murder mystery~Directors Notes

All of us were surprised by the amount of humor that the audience found within this complex murder mystery—resulting from the unique characters and foreign accents.  I heard a rumor how lucky we were to have had a capable foreign exchange student to play the leading role: Belgian detective, Poirot, who was actually played by Dante Carlozzi, WHS junior, born in Santa Rosa, CA.  Michelle Dixon, multiple-year French student kept Dante on track with his French accent, both students of WHS French teacher, Lise Melin.

I was very proud of Scene 5, opening the curtains for the first time, revealing the interior/exterior riverboat with the boat ramp, boat railings, life preservers, brass ship’s bell,  DJ Gill as the Egyptian boat manager (looking 10 times better than Omar Shariff) in his white Neru jacket and red turban speaking broken Arabic that I created from an online translator; Gaetano’s little brother, Gianni in a red fez mopping the deck, and the trinket sellers that swarmed the passengers as they arrived with Giza pyramid gobo/light pattern on the hot yellow background which was accented with REAL water reflection effects from troughs of water with broken mirror and aquarium million bubble wands to keep the water moving and reflecting. Once again, I was very impressed with my Ohio costume rental place, Akron Costume Design, Dale, who personally watched the 1978 movie version and made costume choices for all our ladies, and the warmth of local Santa Rosa, Men’s Wearhouse who only charged us the wedding rate for nearly a week rental of tuxedos.

We could hear the audience during the scene changes, whispering their guesses as to WHO committed the murder.  I thinking about a venue that would allow us to auction off the fabulous Egyptian wall art that the students created (a 7 step process of aging, tracing, painting and lighting) and make back some of the money that we lost on this wonderful challenge of a suspenseful, period and location piece.

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